Child Care Services in Lewisville, Texas

Garden Ridge Preparatory School in Lewisville, Texas, offers many different kinds of child care services to hone the knowledge and skills of your young one. In our transient, mobile society, day care is becoming an essential part of our busy lifestyle. However, increasing numbers of stay-at-home moms are finding that day care offers their children benefits that home-bound care alone cannot.
School Chair
Group of elementary school kids

Meeting New Friends

We offer the opportunity for children to socialize and have structured learning that may not be available at home. At our child development center, your child will be challenged and engaged with others. Age-appropriate group learning activities will promote a healthy self-image, develop cognitive skills, and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Grouping for Programs

The bonds your child builds during the time spent with us will help with adapting to the change of environment as he or she enters school. The skills they develop will help them excel throughout their academic career. We offer 15 full- and part-time programs that are grouped by ages, such as:
  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
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